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OMS Food Drive
 The OMS Student Council and the OMS NJHS will be teaming together this year to help raise non-perishable items for a local Food Drive for the Holidays.  We decided that having each homeroom collect the items and then the homeroom that provides the most in donations will win a Pizza Party! Please help us collect items to help our community! Below are a list of ideas for donation:

Vegetables/Fruits                                              Lunch/Dinner

-         Corn                                                           - Soup/Ramen Noodles

-         Beans                                                         - Spaghetti Sauce

-         Peas/Carrots                                              - Peanut Butter

-         Green Beans                                              - Jelly

-         Potatoes/Yams                                          - Macaroni and Cheese

-         Applesauce                                                - Boxed Stuffing

-         Cranberry Sauce                                       - Hamburger Helper

-         Peaches                                                     - Boxed Macaroni

-         Pears                                                          - Canned tuna

-         Pineapple                                                  - Rice (regular and mixes)

Desserts                                                              Breakfast

-         Pie Fillings                                                 - Cereal

-         Brownie/cookie mix                                 - Oatmeal

-         Cake mix                                                    - Granola/Cereal bars

-         Pudding mix                                              - Cream of wheat

-         Muffin mix                                                -  100% Juice

Other items always needed

Shampoo, Conditioner, Shaving cream, Disposable razors, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Hand/Body soap.