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Oneonta City School District Extended Day Programs



  • The Oneonta City School District Extended Day Programs will be available for families during their children’s in-person learning days.  

  • Please note, due to new safety guidelines as per COVID-related terms and conditions, there will be no drop-in program at this time and students will not be accepted into the program without current paperwork.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is the Extended Day Program Staffed?

  • The Program Director is responsible for three sites.

  • Each site has a Site Coordinator. The Site Coordinator oversees the site and reports to the program director. In most cases, for consistency, the Site Coordinator will be available each day in the Before School and After School Programs. The Site Coordinator is authorized to receive payments and write receipts as well as handle any immediate issues that may arise.

  • Each site will also have an appropriate number of staff to assist and supervise the students in addition to the site coordinator.

What is the Program Structure?

  • The OCSD Extended Day programs are group programs. Each site will operate in the same manner. We cannot accommodate special services or requests. If a child has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) during the day, that plan does not follow the child into the extended day program.  

  • Each site will have 2-3 areas available each day for supervised activities. Activities may vary each day. 


  • Children should come with appropriate clothing for outdoor play.

  • Each child attending the program MUST have a complete and current enrollment form on file.  We must also have a signed agreement and payment plan from the parents/guardians stating that you have received the contract and agree to its terms and conditions.  

  • All participants will be required to follow new guidelines in effect due to COVID pandemic requirements.  These requirements include:

    • All participants must wear a face cover at all times and physical distancing guidelines will be in effect whenever possible. 

    • All participants must bring a water bottle labelled with their name as no water fountains will be available.

    • Participants attending Before School Programs must be escorted into the building by a parent/ guardian and a daily screening sheet will be completed prior to signing into the program each day.  This screening will not take the place of and is separate from any screening as required for the regular school day.

    • Children may only attend the Extended Day Programs on the days during the week that they have been assigned to attend the regular school day for in-person learning.  No child will be allowed to attend the Extended Day Programs on a day that they are not assigned to participate during in-person learning.

  • There will be NO DROP-IN PROGRAM and all participants must have a completed registration form on file with the Site Coordinator prior to attending program.

  • Families must notify Extended Day staff in advance if your child is a regular attendee and will NOT be attending on a scheduled day.

What is the Program Fee Structure?

  • No students may attend the program free of charge.  Fees are due the 1st week of each month.  Delinquency in payment after the 15th of the month may result in your child’s removal from the program until all fees are paid in full.  

  • The Elementary Before School Program fee is $18 per month. A multi-child discount will be offered for children attending from the same household. The first child will cost $18 per month. The fee for each additional child from the same household will be $15 per month.  

  • The Elementary After School Program fee will be $40 per month. A multi-child discount will be offered for children attending from the same household. The first child will cost $40 per month. The fee for each additional child from the same household will be $35 per month.

How Do I Make Payments?

  • The site coordinators are authorized to receive payments. 

  • Check or money order, made payable to Oneonta City School District, is the preferred method of payment.  Please be sure you receive a signed receipt for all payments.  

What Are the Hours of Operation?

  • Before School Program begins at 7:15 AM and ends 8:25 AM. The children are supervised in one location at each site. Alternate activities are not be offered.  

  • In the case of a 1 Hour Delay, the program will begin at 8:15.

  • In the case of a 2 Hour Delay, the program will begin at 9:15.

  • In the case of School Closure, there will be no program.

  • After School Program begins at 3:05 PM and ends promptly at 5:30 PM. 

  • In the case of early dismissal from the regular school day due to inclement weather the program will not operate.

  • In the case of inclement weather causing cancellation of other after school activities, the program will end promptly at 4:00 PM to ensure the safety of participants and staff.

Is There a Homework Policy?

  • Program staff will provide Children in Grades 3-5 the opportunity to do homework. The staff is not responsible for checking homework but will provide assistance as they are able. Children in Grades K-2 will be offered the opportunity to do homework upon request of a teacher or parent. 

What Does Program Dismissal Look Like?

  • Children must be signed out by someone on their approved pick up list. 

  • If someone other than a person on the approved pick up list is going to pick up the child, the parent MUST notify the staff by phone call or in writing. 

  • Parents may modify the pick up list as necessary. This must be done in writing.  

  • A late pick up fee will be assessed for any parents who pick up their children after 5:30. This fee will be $5 for every 10 minutes of tardiness beginning at 5:35 PM. 

  • Repeated tardiness on the part of the parents will result in the child’s removal from the program.

Is There a Program Discipline Plan?

  • Participation in the Extended Day Programs is a privilege and is not a given.  From time to time, children in the extended day programs exhibit challenging behavior.  The Extended Day Program Discipline Plan is set up to help participants resolve recurring behaviors.  Each program will follow a similar course of action in regard to discipline. 

  • In instances of unsafe or violent behavior that is harmful to themselves or others (including other students and staff), children may skip Step 1 and go directly to Step 2. 

  • Step 1:  Extended Day staff will give reminders to the child about the rules of the program and will give verbal notification to parents regarding behaviors that are taking place.  Should the behavior continue with regularity, a letter is sent home stating the discipline structure and to inform the parent that should the behavior continue to occur, the child may be subject to a temporary removal from the program.  The letter serves as a statement that we must work together to help the child to be successful in the programs.  

  • Step 2:  With recurring behavior, a letter will be sent notifying the family of the recurring behavior and a temporary removal from the Extended Day Programs will occur.  

  • Step 3:  Should the behavior continue, a permanent removal from the Extended Day Programs for the remainder of the school year may be in order.


Program Director:

Lisa Zuend-Misner        [email protected]  


Greater Plains Site Coordinator:

Lisa MacInness        [email protected]  


Riverside Site Coordinator:

Maria Vega            [email protected]  


Valleyview Site Coordinator:

Teri Ann Baker        [email protected]  


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