Data Privacy & Security Practices

Data Privacy & Security Practices

Data Privacy & Security Practices


NYS Education Law Section 2-d Part 121.5 addresses new Data Security and Privacy Standards that took effect in July 2020.
These new standards  require educational institutions and their third-party contractors to take a variety of steps to protect both institutional data and student data from potential outside cyber-threats, such as stealing data, holding information systems hostage and causing system disruptions.

The Law §2-d requires that each educational agency shall 
publish a parent’s bill of rights for data privacy and security. The law also requires that with each contract an educational agency enters with a third-party contractor, that receives personally identifiable information (PII), must contain a signed bill of rights and supplemental information. In turn, each educational agency will have to publish, on its website, the signed parent’s bill of rights and supplemental information to the bill of rights for each software contract. 

The list of approved third-party contractors is shown below, with a link to each signed bill of rights.

* Note that this is the list of companies, not the list of software tools!  If you are not able to find a product, (e.g. ReflexMath), go back to that product's log on page to determine it's company name (which for ReflexMath is "Explore Learning").

Approved Software Inventory

Privacy Practices

Our educators use approved online ("third-party contractor") resources (when student accounts are required).
 If a third-party resource requires a student account/log-on, we must have an agreement with that contractor that meets NYS Education Law 2d standards, in order to keep student data safe and private.
Submit a request to IT Services before implementing student use of any such resources.

Data Protection Officer

Bonnie E. Nobiling
(607) 433-8243 x2299


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