Proposed OCSD Capital Project

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Proposed OCSD Capital Project

Project Questions and Answers:

Q: What is the scope of the work being done?
A: All district schools will have some degree of work done during this project.
  • Greater Plains Elementary
    1. Replace the deteriorating board and batten siding;
    2. Renovate the library;
    3. Upgrade the public address and fire alarm systems;
    4. Add appropriate ventilation to the occupational and physical therapy room.
  • Riverside Elementary
    1. Replace the deteriorating board and batten siding;
    2. Renovate the library;
    3. Upgrade the public address and fire alarm systems;
    4. Reconstruct parking lot asphalt;
    5. Remove unused oil fuel tank;
    6. Replace asphalt and concrete walks around the rear and side of the building.
  • Valleyview Elementary
    1. Replace deteriorating wood siding on the second-story addition;
    2. Rehabilitate aging and weathered brick joints;
    3. Replace aging and inefficient rooftop heating and cooling units;
    4. Upgrade the public address and fire alarm systems;
    5. Replace the failing roof;
    6. Provide additional playground equipment to the lower playground;
    7. Repair distressed concrete on top of the east side exterior stairway.
  • Oneonta Middle and High School
    1. Replace the failing roof;
    2. Rehabilitate the high school entrance stairs and handicap ramp;
    3. Repair/replace severely rusted light posts along the Graduate Drive;
    4. Replace and repair the entire truck loading dock;
    5. Reinforce the baseball field scoreboard, as it is structurally unstable;
    6. Replace heating pipes running from the boiler building to the high school;
    7. Replace middle school hallway lockers;
    8. Recable the high school/middle school Information Technology closets;
    9. Replace middle school rooftop air circulators and exhaust fans;
    10. Upgrade the public address and fire alarm systems;
    11. Replace/rehabilitate weathered masonry and expansion joints;
    12. Repair auditorium ceiling “catwalk”;
    13. Add Americans with Disabilities Act signage;
    14. Replace pool lighting;
    15. Renovate the aging auditorium.
  • Bus Garage
    1. Repair French drainage system;
    2. Replace radiant heating units;
    3. Paint exposed exterior building steel.

Q: Why do this project now?
A: The OCSD is committed to exercising care and sound judgment in managing the community resources with which we are entrusted. We need to continue to take care of our schools in a fiscally responsible manner and address identified issues now as opposed to facing future higher-cost emergency repairs and further deterioration.
  1. The roof systems at Valleyview Elementary and the middle and high school have failed. They are soon to be out of warranty, and this work must be completed as these roof issues have begun to interfere with the teaching and learning process.
  • Our retiring debt is favorable for initiating this needed work.
  • Keeping the debt service level is part of strong financial planning and avoids budget fluctuations.
  • Doing this project now will result in no additional tax levy necessary to support this project.
Q: How was the proposed capital project developed?
A: To evaluate conditions at all district facilities, the district utilized its Building Condition Survey (BCS), which is mandated by the State of NY to be conducted every five years.
  • The district considered work identified in the previous BCS that was not completed in the last capital project as well as issues/concerns identified in our most recent BCS.
All of this work was then analyzed and prioritized based on critical safety upgrades, building preservation needs, and opportunities to enrich our students educational experience.

A message from Superintendent Brindley:

Dear Oneonta City School District Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to share some pivotal information regarding a proposed OCSD (Oneonta City School District) capital project that stands to shape our educational programming and opportunities for our students for decades to come. The scope of this project is extensive, encompassing both the glaringly evident and less apparent needs of our schools. The proposed capital project is scheduled for a crucial vote by our district's taxpayers on December 18th, 2023, with a budget of $30.45 million.

Our schools, built between the late 1950s and mid-1960s, have withstood the test of time, but the years and the elements have begun to take their toll. These challenges are now impacting the quality of education we can provide. That's why I am profoundly grateful for your support in considering this vital project.

On Monday, December 18th, 2023, we are asking voters to endorse a $30,450,000 Capital Project for the Oneonta City School District. Your support is instrumental in realizing our vision of modern, efficient educational spaces that will empower and challenge our students, ensuring they receive the highest quality education.

I sincerely appreciate your commitment to our schools, students, and the future of our community. Your support in this endeavor is invaluable. Please mark this important date on your calendar, and let's work together to secure a brighter future for our students and our beloved community.


Thomas F. Brindley

Superintendent of Schools

Financial Information:

The planning process for this project has been meticulous, involving comprehensive field observations, building condition surveys, extensive discussions with district staff, and consultations with our Board of Education. The project's scope has been strategically developed to prioritize the most critical needs while ensuring that there is no additional increase in the tax levy to support this project. 

Scope Highlights:

This capital project encompasses upgrades in several crucial areas:

  • Aging Infrastructure: Our High School and Valleyview Elementary roofs are in dire need of replacement. The middle school lockers require an overhaul, among other infrastructure-related concerns.

  • Outdated Technology: Keeping pace with the evolving world of education and technology is essential. This project aims to modernize our technology infrastructure to provide the best resources for our students.

  • Programs: Our commitment to excellence extends to the programs we offer. Enhancements will be made to ensure that our students have access to a wide range of enriching educational opportunities.

  • Health and Safety: We understand the paramount importance of providing an environment that is conducive to both teaching and learning. This project includes provisions to bolster health and safety measures within our schools.
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