Athletics Eligibility Policy

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Athletics Eligibility Policy

Academic Eligibility Policy 

As parents of athletes representing the Oneonta School District, the administration and coaches
would like to inform you of the Athletic Department's policy regarding student/athletes who are
on the failing list. The failing list contains a list of students and the courses they are failing.
The list is generated every five weeks at both the high school and the middle school.
Section I. Student/Athletes failing 2 or 3 courses that they are enrolled in.
A. The student must meet with each teacher of the courses they are failing within a day
of receiving their Extra-Curricular Academic Eligibility Form from their coach. A
copy of this form can be found on the reverse side. The goal of this meeting is to
develop a plan for improvement that is agreed upon by both the teachers and
B. The student may continue to participate in practices and games for a 10 school day
probationary period. If he/she successfully upholds the terms and conditions
outlined in the plan, the teacher may sign the form confirming that the student has
improved in the course. The teacher may choose to sign the form anytime within
the 10-day period based on the individual student's circumstances. If the student
fails to meet the terms and conditions of the plan and attain the teacher’s signature
within the 10 days he/she will be ineligible to participate athletically. The student
will regain athletic eligibility at the time he/she successfully completes the agreed
plan for all the courses they are failing.
Section II. Student/Athletes failing 4 or more courses.
A. The must meet with the teachers of the courses they are failing and develop a plan
that will improve their course work.
B. These students are immediately ineligible to participate in practice or games until
they reduce the number of courses failing to 3 or less. At this time, he/she will be
held to the course of action outlined in Section I.
If you have any questions, please contact:
Joe Hughes
Athletic Director
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