District Policy

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District Policy

District Policy

The Oneonta City School District Policy Manual is posted in its entirety. If you need further assistance regarding a policy please contact Reggie Ranieri McGuinness, District Clerk at (607) 433-8200, Ext. 1300, or by email.

Contents of the Policy Manual are outlined below. To navigate directly to a section of the policy, click on the relevant section in the Policy Documents sidebar, or click the heading below.

Policy Index

Section A: By-Laws

  • A. 1. Board of Education Members
  • A. 2. Appointments and Designations by the Board of Education
  • A. 3. Duties of the District Clerk
  • A. 4. Duties of the School District Treasurer
  • A. 5. Duties of the Tax Collector
  • A. 6. Duties of the Independent Auditor
  • A. 7. Appointment and Duties of the Internal Claims Auditor
  • A. 8. Duties of the Extra-Classroom Activities Funds Treasurer(s)
  • A. 9. Duties of the School Physician
  • A. 10. Policy and Regulations and Execution of Administrative Regulations
  • A. 11. Agenda Format 
  • A. 12. Executive Sessions

Section B: Required Policies

  • B. 1. Anti-Discrimination Policy
  • B. 2.  Sexual Harassment Policy
  • B. 3. Wellness Policy
  • B. 4. Voter Propositions
  • B. 5. Access to Records Under Public Officers Law Article 6
  • B. 6. Notification of Breach of Security
  • B. 7. Title I Parental Involvement Policy
  • B. 8. Interpretation Services for Parents and Persons in Parental Relationship Who Are Hearing Impaired
  • B. 9. Code of Ethics
  • B. 10. Special Education Programs and Related Services
  • B. 11. Disabled Students Participating in School District Programs
  • B. 12. Pre-Referral Intervention Strategies and Response to Intervention
  • B. 13. Appointment and Training of Appropriate Special Education Personnel
  • B. 14. Alternative Format of Instructional Materials
  • B. 15. Disabled Student Records Policies and Procedures
  • B. 16. Significant Disproportionate Services Policy
  • B. 17. Committee on Preschool Education
  • B. 18. (Declassification of Disabled Students)- Deleted Policy
  • B. 19. Impartial Hearing Officer
  • B. 20. Distribution of IEPs
  • B. 21. District-Wide Assessment Policy
  • B. 22. Section 504 Annual Notice
  • B. 23. Limited English Proficiency Instruction
  • B. 24. Internet Protection Policy
  • B. 25. Comprehensive Attendance Policy
  • B. 26. Bylaw Pertaining to Student Records: Policies and Procedures  
  • B. 27. Protection of Pupil Rights Policy
  • B. 28. Code of Conduct
  • B. 29. Child Abuse
  • B. 30. Field Trip Policy
  • B. 31. Investment Policy
  • B. 32. Unsafe School Choice Procedures
  • B. 33. Drug-Free Workplace Policy
  • B. 34. Purchasing
  • B. 35. Attendance Policy 
  • B. 36. Concussion Management
  • B. 37. Dignity for All
  • B. 38. Opioid Prevention
  • B. 39. Uniform Guidance Procurement Policy 
  • B. 40. Voter Preregistration
  • B. 41. Data Security & Privacy
  • B. 42. Gender Neutral Bathrooms
  • B. 43. Workplace Violence Prevention Policy

Section C: Internal Operations

Section D: Non-Instructional/Business Operations/Community Relations

  • D.1. Fixed Asset Policy
  • D.2. Disposal of District Property
  • D.3. Credit Card Policy
  • D.4. Petty Cash Funds and Cash in School Buildings
  • D.5. Cellular Telephones
  • D.6. Extra-classroom Activities Fund
  • D.7. Employee's Personally Identifiable Information
  • D.8. Hearing Officer Expense Reimbursement
  • D.9. Independent Educational Evaluation
  • D.10. Loss or Destruction of District Property
  • D.11. Building Use Policy
  • D.12. Budget Transfers
  • D.13. Maintenance of Fiscal Effort (Title I Program)
  • D.14. Use of Federal Funds for Political Expenditures
  • D.15. Audit Committee
  • D.16. Insurance
  • D.17. Meals and Refreshments
  • D.18. Naming of School Property 
  • D.19. Energy Management Conservation Policy
  • D.20. School Food Service Program (Lunch and Breakfast)
  • D.21. Records Management
  • D.22. Safety and Security 
  • D.23. Emergency Management Plan
  • D.24. Scheduling and Routing
  • D.25. Transportation of Students
  • D.26. Use of Video Cameras on School Buses

Section E: Administrative

  • E.1. Board-Superintendent Relationship
  • E.2. Line Responsibility
  • E.3. Administrative Authority in the Absence of the Superintendent of Schools
  • E.4. Administrative Latitude in the Absence of Board Policy
  • E.5. Compensation and Related Benefits

Section F: Personnel

  • F.1. Staff-Student Relations (Fraternization) 
  • F.2. Employee Activities
  • F.3. Negotiations
  • F.4. Defense and Indemnification of Board Members and Employees
  • F.5. Equal Employment Opportunity
  • F.6. Expenses Incurred
  • F.7. Use of District Property and Facilities by District Personnel

Section G: Students

  • G.1. Interview  of Students by Police and Department of Social Services
  • G.2. Graduation Requirements
  • G.3. Early Graduation
  • G.4. Credential Options for Students with Disabilities
  • G.5. Release of Information to the Non-Custodial Parent
  • G.6. Extracurricular Activities
  • G.7. Censorship of School Sponsored Student Publications and Activities
  • G.8. Training Regulations for all Interscholastic Teams
  • G.9. Student Safety and Hazardous Initiation to School-Related Organizations: Hazing
  • G.10. Non-Resident Students
  • G.11. Academic Ineligibility
  • G.12. Use of a Time Out Room
  • G.13. Education of Homeless Children 

Section H: Instruction

  • H.1. Adult Education
  • H.2. Objection to Instructional Materials
  • H.3. Controversial Issues
  • H.4. Home Instruction (Home Schooling) 
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